Polar Bear Safari of Eastern Greenland in Winter

  • March 04th, 2025 - March 10th, 2025
  • Spaces Left: SOLD OUT! (Maximum 1 Photographer)
Polar Bears of Greenland


This custom, private expedition to the east coast of Greenland in winter is for dedicated and passionate wildlife and landscape photographers who want to capture dramatic and powerful photographs of Polar Bears and Arctic Fox in winter. We will also have stunning opportunities with icebergs frozen in the sea as we traverse the frozen sea ice by snowmobile. This workshop will also have stunning winter landscape opportunities, although our primary focus is Polar Bears and other Arctic wildlife.

  • Dates: 04th March 2025 until 10th March 2025 (Duration 6 Nights / 7 Days)
  • Investment: Private Workshop
  • Participants: Private Workshop
  • Start and Finish: Constable Point, Greenland
  • Trip Leaders: Joshua Holko Master Photog II
  • Fitness Level: Tough
  • Temperature: Freezing
  • Experience Level: Private Workshop


Against a Tapestry of Frozen Seas and Ice Clad Mountains, we journey deep into one of the last vestiges of Arctic Wilderness in search of Polar Bears.

During this expedition, we will travel by snowmobile across the vast frozen fjords and expansive sea ice of Scoresby Sund, the world's most extensive fjord system. Here, the landscape is heavily glaciated, and we will also encounter icebergs trapped in the frozen sea; these fortresses of ice tower above us as we pass by. We are always keeping a watchful eye out for Polar Bears as our expedition focuses almost exclusively on the king of the Arctic. The scale of the landscape here in this pristine environment is overpowering. It is also home to the Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, Gyrfalcon, Snow Bunting, Ptarmigan, and Ringed Seals, a delicacy of the Polar Bear when out hunting. During March, we will have an excellent chance to experience the Aurora Borealis, illuminating the nighttime skies above us.

For the duration of this expedition, we will be based in a small, remote, private cabin at Kap Tobin. The cabin has basic facilities including heating, a bag toilet and warm beds. From our base, we will make daily excursions via snowmobile out onto the sea ice in search of Polar Bears.

Private workshops are available on request and can be custom-tailored to the participant's requirements. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to book a private workshop or expedition. Please note that private workshops are subject to availability.

Polar Bear
Polar Bear Svalbard
Polar Bear
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