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All of the photographs on this website are single image captures without HDR (High Dynamic Range) or multi-image compositing techniques. No focus stacking or blending of multiple exposures has been used and there are no overlayed textures or dropped in skies or foregrounds. Panoramas do included stitched images.

I learned the craft of photography shooting 35mm transparencies (primarily Fujichrome Provia 100 and Velvia 50). Transparencies had very little exposure latitude and outside of a a third of a stop either side of a correct exposure the slide was either over or under exposed and destined for the trash. I learned the hard way that it was critical to get my exposures correct in camera and this is something I still try very hard to achieve today shooting digitally. I use graduated neutral density filters in the field extensively in my photography to help tame the dynamic range found in Nature. I do bias my exposures to the right wherever possible to try and capture the most information possible in my RAW file. The RAW file on the right was overexposed by one stop (without clipping the highlights) in order to capture more data. The exposure was then corrected during Post Production in Adobe Lightroom.

All of the photographs on this website were shot with Canon digital cameras in RAW and post processed in Adobe Lightroom. Adjustments include: White Balance, Color and Tone, Capture Sharpening and equivalent techniques to darkroom dodging and burning.

Any excessive noise or grain from high ISO captures is treated in Lightroom with subtle adjustment of the Noise Sliders. Any sensor dust spots are removed in post production - but that is the extent of any digital cloning or manipulation.

Post processing is utilised to faithfully reproduce the natural colours and light captured in the field. Never to create something that wasn't there.