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Fine Art Limited Edition Hand Signed and Numbered Prints in A2 size are available for sale online exclusively through Melrakki Publishing.

Large Format Fine Art Limited Edition Hand Signed and Numbered Prints of my photography are available exclusively through the following galleries:

Australia & International- Source Photographica Gallery

Please contact the gallery above for edition numbers, print pricing and availability enquiries.


Remote and other-worldly landscapes are my passion. Drawnto sweeping and rugged landscapes, I am in my element inthe wilderness. I search for the pristine in nature: solitariness, peace, tranquility, and the grandeur that comes from thepure, unspoilt, often threatening and sometimes beautiful,but always dramatic and powerful style of the natural world.In these wild places I seek out the dramatic and the portentous to produce thrilling images you will remember forever—the raw power of nature.

The quality of light is critical. It must be unique and reveal powerful and awe inspiring aspects of the environment that viewers have never seen or considered before. In seconds, the mood can change from stormy to peaceful, from complex to secretive, from tranquil to mosaic, each revealing a different aspect of the wilderness. Capturing this elusive light is the art of my photography.

All post-processing faithfully reproduces these ideas. The photographs are printed by me in signed, limited edition prints on Moab Somerset Museum Rag 100% natural cotton paper with Canon pigment on paper printers. This combination creates the highest quality photographic prints available today and produces perfect deep, rich blacks and an outstanding colour gamut that faithfully captures the tonalities and hues I search for in my photographs. Each Print is an individual work of art conveying all of the detail, stunning colour and subtle tonal transitions that the natural world has to offer.