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When considering physical fitness levels for one of our workshops or expeditions, it's essential to consider the physical demands and challenges participants may encounter during the workshop. Below are detailed descriptions of our four different fitness levels. There is no age barrier to each fitness level, and individual physical fitness is not defined by age. Please check that the workshop or expedition you select matches your physical fitness level.

Easy Fitness Level:

Participants at the "Easy" fitness level can expect minimal physical activity. This level suits individuals who prefer a relaxed pace with little to no strenuous activities. The workshop activities may involve optional short walks on flat terrain or minimal physical exertion. Ideal for those who want to focus primarily on photography without demanding physical challenges.

Moderate Fitness Level:

Participants at the "Moderate" fitness level should be prepared for moderate physical activity. This level may include optional short hikes or walks on uneven terrain. Expectations may involve walking short distances or standing for extended periods during photography sessions. Suitable for individuals with a moderate level of fitness who can comfortably handle some mild physical exertion. There is no obligation to participate in any hikes, and every effort will be made to fill your requests.

Hard Fitness Level:

Participants at the "Hard" fitness level should be physically prepared for challenging activities. This level may include more extended and more strenuous hikes, possibly on hilly or uneven terrain. Participants should have a good level of fitness and endurance to handle longer treks and extended outdoor photography sessions. It is ideal for those who want to capture shots in remote or rugged locations.

Tough Fitness Level:

The "Tough" fitness level is designed for participants who are highly physically fit and adventurous. Expectations may include strenuous, all-day hikes or treks, possibly at high altitudes or in extreme weather conditions. Participants should be experienced and prepared for physically demanding activities, including challenging terrain and weather conditions. This level is for individuals seeking the most adventurous and physically demanding photography experiences.