Emperor Penguins of Antarctica Expedition

  • November, 2025 (Exact Dates TBA)
  • Spaces Left: 5 (Maximum 8 Photographers)
Emperor Penguin


This unique custom-tailored workshop to photograph the mighty Emperor Penguins on the sea ice of Gould Bay in Antarctica is for keen and passionate wildlife photographers who want to capture dramatic and powerful photographs of Emperor Penguins living on the sea ice. The sea ice of Gould Bay in the Weddell Sea is the best place in the world to photograph Emperor Penguins under the midnight sun. We have a small group size and personal, one-on-one tuition for the duration of the workshop. There will also be landscape opportunities during this workshop, although our primary focus is Emperor Penguins.

  • Dates: November 2025 (Exact dates TBA)
  • Investment: $60,700 +/- 5% USD (Deposit to secure place $6,000 USD)
  • Participants: Maximum 8 Photographers plus leader
  • Start and Finish: Punta Arenas, South America
  • Trip Leaders: Joshua Holko Master Photog II
  • Fitness Level: Moderate
  • Temperature: Freezing
  • Experience Level: Intermediate to Professional


In November 2025, I will lead a once-in-a-lifetime expedition experience deep into Antarctica to photograph the mighty Emperor Penguins. The expedition will see us photographing the world's most southerly Emperor Penguin colony on the sea ice at Gould Bay, deep in the Weddell Sea.

This expedition is for a limited number of just eight photographers plus a leader. We will travel by privately chartered transport jet deep into Antarctica, landing on a pre-prepared ice runway. From our base camp, only 600 miles from the South Pole, we will take a privately chartered Twin-Otter ski aircraft to the remote Emperor Penguin colony on the sea ice. We will establish a field camp on the sea ice and photograph the Emperors and Emperor Penguin Chicks on the sea ice against a backdrop of incredible mountains, icebergs, and pressure ridges. We will photograph throughout the night when the light is soft and golden in an expedition opportunity dedicated to photography. If you are excited about travelling to one of the remotest regions in Antarctica to live and photograph with the majestic Emperor Penguins, now is the time to register your place by using the Register Online link at the bottom of this page. Places are strictly limited, and once spoken for, that's it.

Emperor Penguin Golden Light
Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguins
Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguin