Svalbard Polar Bear Private Charter Expedition

  • June 27th, 2024 - July 6th, 2024
  • Spaces Left: SOLD OUT (Maximum 12 Photographers)
Svalbard High Arctic Expedition


This private charter to the archipelago of Svalbard is for keen and passionate wildlife and landscape photographers who want to capture dramatic and powerful photographs of Arctic wildlife and landscapes. Svalbard is one of the best places in the world to photograph Arctic wildlife under the midnight sun. We have a small group size and personal, one-on-one tuition for the duration of the workshop. There will also be landscape opportunities during this workshop, although our primary focus is Arctic wildlife.

  • Dates: 27th June 2024 until 06th July 2024 (Duration 9 Nights / 10 Days)
  • Investment: Private Charter
  • Participants: Maximum 12 Photographers plus leader
  • Start and Finish: Longyearbyen, Svalbard
  • Trip Leaders: Joshua Holko Master Photog II
  • Fitness Level: Easy
  • Temperature: Cold
  • Experience Level: Beginner to Professional


In June and July 2024, I am leading a private charter expedition to the pack ice north of Svalbard to photograph Polar Bears and other wildlife and the landscape of this incredible archipelago. This expedition has been designed to provide the best possible opportunities to Photograph Polar Bears in their natural environment. With the reduction in Arctic sea ice, the Polar Bears in Svalbard are dwindling in number, and the number of years left to photograph them is unfortunately limited. On this expedition, we will be carrying a naturalist/biologist who specialises in locating Polar Bears and an expedition leader and captain who has years of experience in placing us in the ideal position to make the best photographs. Their expertise will allow us to approach the king of the Arctic as closely and safely as possible and take incredible photographs under wonderful polar light. The expedition is for a strictly limited number of just 12 participants plus a leader and is dedicated to the photography of Polar Bears living and hunting on the sea ice. We intend to sail directly north from the small town of Longyearbyen in Svalbard to approximately 80º degrees North to the very edge of the permanent pack ice. At our northerlymost point, we will likely be less than 600 miles from the North Pole. We will use the ice-hardened expedition ship M.S Freya, enabling us to skirt the edge of the pack ice, searching for and photographing Polar Bears. M.S. Freya is regarded as one of the best ships in the Arctic for Photography. Our expedition ship is also equipped with sufficient zodiacs and crew for all photographers to shoot simultaneously and plenty of room to spare for camera equipment - So bring what you need! On this expedition, we will also likely photograph Walrus, Seals, Whales, Arctic Foxes and the many Arctic sea birds, including the rare and angelic Ivory Gull. Please note that this is a private charter and is not open to registration.

Polar Bear on the Sea Ice in Winter
Polar Bear Mother and Cub
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