Musk Ox of Dovrefjell l in Winter

  • Dates: January 26th, 2025 - February 1st, 2025
  • Spaces Left: 2 (Maximum 4 Photographers)
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In late January 2025, I will lead an all-new expedition to Dovrefjell in Winter to photograph the primordial Musk Ox. This expedition will see us utilize dog sleds for transport inside the park. We will be based in small mountain expedition tents for the duration of the expedition and will have a local guide to assist us.

Dovrefjell is one of the most reliable places in the Arctic to photograph Musk Ox and we can expect to have multiple photographic encounters with them throughout this expedition.

If you are excited by the idea of traveling to Dovrefjell in Winter to photograph Musk Ox, now is the time to register your place by using the Register Online link at the bottom of this page. Places are strictly limited and once spoken for thats it.