Jewels Of The Arctic Expedition 2013

Antony Watson — Photographer

"I just wanted to send a thank you email for the awesome experience I had on the Jewels of the Arctic expedition on the 18th to 31st of August this year.

The photographic opportunities were truly stunning. Having a photographic component to activities made for marvellous opportunities to create some great images and it was great to see the Expedition staff so accommodating to our needs as photographers be it taking different courses in the zodiacs to positioning zodiacs for the best vantage points. Working with Joshua and the zodiac drivers was a sheer pleasure and as a photographer this was a real highlight of the expedition for me and fellow photographers. I think all and sundry loved the slide show that was produced with photographs from all of us on the ship by Joshua. It was a great windup to the trip and a good memento for all. Overall it was an extremely pleasurable experience and I can’t wait to share my photographs and my joyous experience with my friends and colleagues. Thanks again for a marvellous trip."


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