Iceland Winter Aurora Workshop 2013

Scott MacQuarrie CPP — Photographer

"In March of 2013, I had the pleasure of travelling through Iceland with Joshua Holko, Andy Biggs, and Daniel Bergmann. I normally don’t travel with groups for my photography, as I find traveling alone allows you to become more in touch with the environment. I made an exception for this trip and I am certainly glad for it.

Joshua, Andy, and Daniel managed to deliver a trip well above my expectations. First, they handled the challenging logistics of travelling from the western edge of Iceland to the Eastern edge of Iceland and back again during winter in a country touching the Arctic Circle. More importantly, they arranged access to some of best photographic sites available during this time of year with more than enough time to shoot what we needed. Although we travelled a lot, we spent significant times in areas that were rich in photographic opportunities and returned to some locations at different times of the day for complete coverage. They did this while sharing everything they knew about shooting these sites and suggesting ideas for those of us experiencing it for the first time. They also filled the schedule with as much photography as possible and managed to maintain a sense of humour during an extremely challenging shooting and travel schedule.

I could have flown over by myself, rented a 4x4, and tried to find everything with a map. However, I would have missed many things, spent more time driving than shooting, and come back with a far less rewarding experience. Not only did I think this expedition worth the time and money, but I am also looking forward to traveling with them again soon."