Iceland Winter Aurora Workshop 2013

Stephen Starkman — Photographer

"Josh has passion you rarely see in others. It shows every time he is in the field with his camera. It shows every time he shares or helps others. It shows, most importantly, in his work. I had the privilege of travelling with Josh, along with fellow tour leaders Andy Biggs and Daniel Bergmann, to Iceland in March 2013. We experienced the soft glow of auroral curtains sweeping overhead. We stood amidst Icebergs stranded on a black sand beach, slowly melting, shining in the glorious rays of a sun just risen. We had snow, wind, rain, sleet. We had it all. And fortunately, we had Josh, with his seemingly limitless energy, enthusiasm and good humour. And talent. Did I not mention his talent before?

I'll never forget our first day of the tour. We had arrived at Vik and went down to the beach to shoot. It was windy, gusting well over 100 km/hr. The sea was roiling, huge breakers smashing into the sea stacks. Sleet and rain pounded the beach. I saw the glint in Josh's eye (the same one I think was in mine). I knew in an instant something about this man that words would have taken comparative ages to discover. Then we went shooting.

I came away from the tour with many images I'm very satisfied with. I think others did too. Would I travel again with Josh on a photo tour? Hell yes!"

"Josh, I wanted to write to thank you for all the hard work and effort you made on our recent photo tour to Iceland! I was thrilled to come away with a number of images I'm very satisfied with. Your passion for image making is altogether evident, not only in your work, but in your spirit in the field. I was impressed by your sharing and the guidance you offered not only to myself, but to all those who were members of our group. Your love for what you do truly shows. It's infectious. Thank you for a terrific journey!"