Antarctica Expedition 2013

Nita Gulbas — Photographer

"What can you say about an expedition of a lifetime? We had many opportunities on this trip that came our way due to Mother Nature. Take her work, add Joshua, and you have a dynamic duo. This is the second trip I have taken with Josh, and after both, I came away with the same feelings: amazing, fulfilling, fun. Josh has extensive knowledge and experience in the areas he travels to. As a result, the trips are extremely well organized, yet have a looseness allowing the participant to freely pursue the environment in very personal ways. His chosen expedition company provided us with skilled, knowledgeable staff who went out of their way to meet the needs of photographers. This meant having Zodiacs ready to launch at five am, asking the chef to call for meals at altered times, or being allowed to stay longer on site (weather permitting) when the conditions were tantalizing for a group of photographers.

Attendees varied from professional photographers, award winning amateurs, to point and shoot individuals. Josh was always available for input if one needed, and no matter how tired, he was there for his group whether during active shooting, or in the evening for review if one wanted his input. I think everyone came away with images to be proud of.

In short, having been on other photo tours, Joshua’s rank #1 in my book.

Thanks for making an amazing place fun to share with you and the many wonderful people that were on board."