Wolverines and Wolves of Northern Finland Workshop Report

October 14th - October 21st 2021

In mid-October of 2021, I wrapped up my Autumn workshop in the far north of Finland for Wolves, Bears, and Wolverines. This workshop was the first chance I had to travel out of Australia in more than eighteen months and the first chance to get back to leading and guiding workshops for Nature photographers since the pandemic began. It was a very welcome trip with a fantastic group of enthusiastic and passionate photographers. My last trip was my winter expedition to the east coast of Greenland back in March of 2020 (Read the Trip Report), and that expedition was unfortunately cut short by the pandemic. Since then, I have more or less been stuck in Australia, dealing with the logistical issues that come with delayed and postponed trips. Being in Finland again in the remote wilderness was an absolute breath of fresh air. Being able to share it with like-minded, passionate photographers was the icing on the cake.


Wolf on the Finland border with Russia