Svalbard Spring Light Expedition Report

April 7th - April 15th, 2023

In early April of 2023, I led my Arctic Spring Light expedition to the archipelago of Svalbard. This expedition aimed to photograph wildlife in and around Spitzbergen and the incredible high Arctic landscape draped in its frosty Winter armour.

This time of year, the sun never truly sets in the high Arctic, meaning hours of golden light are available to make photographs. Even late into the evening and early morning, there is sufficient light to photograph the dramatic landscapes in the high Arctic. There is something quite surreal about standing on the bow of an expedition ship as it gently ploughs the waters, camera in hand, around midnight, under soft Arctic light, watching the breathtaking landscape roll past. I have been fortunate to photograph around Svalbard for over a decade and never tire of returning to this miraculous archipelago. There is a mystical draw to the Arctic that tugs deeply at my soul, and even now, barely over my jetlag, I yearn to return yet again to the land of ice and snow.


Polar Bear