Namibia Desert Fire Safari Report

October 6th - October 18th 2018

In October of 2018 this year I lead my semi-annual landscape and wildlife workshop to Namibia in Africa. This was my fourth workshop to the desert of Namibia and the first time I had ventured north into the wildlife rich region of Etosha.

It was also the first time I have scheduled this workshop for October (instead of April / May when there is often more cloud). October was a deliberate choice for this safari as it is the end of the dry season in Etosha. Water is at its most scarce and the wildlife is thus forced to congregate around the last few remaining watering holes whilst they wait for the rains and the start of the wet season. It can be very hot this time year but I personally found it no worse than April / May and as it turned out we had the added bonus of clouds during our morning sessions at Deadvlei.

We began our workshop in the capital city of Windhoek with a short one hour flight down to the coastal town of Luderitz where we spent the next three days photographing the Ghost town of Kolmonskop and the abandoned diamond mine at Elizabeth Bay. For 2018 I made the decision to fly the group from Windhoek down to Luderitz to save two days driving in the heat of the desert. This gave us more time for photography during our trip and saved many hours on the hot and dusty roads. The short one hour flight also gave us some absolutely spectacular aerial views of the landscape.