Iceland Summer Highlands Workshop Report

  • July 12 - July 21, 2013
  • November 21st - November 28th, 2015

In mid July 2013 I lead a summer workshop with Daniel Bergmann focusing on the coastal landscapes and spectacular highland regions of Iceland. Normally inaccessible in winter, the interior of Iceland, known as the highlands, is an extraordinary place for landscape photography. It is a landscape of contrasts; wide vistas and pristine wilderness, mountain ranges, glaciers, waterfalls and geothermal volcanic features. On this workshop we photographed the spectacular coastal landscapes of the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and crystal clear glaciers and icebergs found at the Vatnajökull ice cap and Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon. We headed into the interior of Iceland along the scenic F208 road to the spectacular Fjallabak Nature Reserve where we stopped to photograph incredible landscapes. We also visited and photographed the surreal alien landscape at Veidivötn where volcanic craters filled with deep blue water dot the lunar landscape. The 2013 Iceland Summer Highlands Workshop was CPD (Continual Professional Development) accredited. For AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) members that meant you automatically accrued CPD points toward your required annual target by attendance at the workshop. Please be sure to visit the Testimonials page for client feedback on what was an amazing workshop.