Arctic Fox Northern Iceland Winter Expedition Report

February 22nd - February 28th 2020

In February of 2020 I ran my annual workshop / expedition to Hornstrandir Nature reserve in the extreme north-west of Iceland for Arctic Fox. Winter has hit northern Iceland this year with its full force and for the first time in recent years there has been a huge amount of snow in the north with consistent wintery conditions. By contrast, recent years have seen warming temperatures and little snow so it was very nice to see the landscape blanketed in a beautiful white carpet of snow.

The conditions this year were in fact the best I can recall in recent years. Next years expedition is a couple of weeks earlier than this year which should promise similar conditions with deep, soft snow that makes for superb backgrounds for this tenacious little predator. Blizzard and blowing snow are my absolute favourite conditions to work in with Arctic wildlife and we experienced an abundance of this during our stay in the reserve


Arctic Fox Blizzard