Antarctica Expedition Report

November 9 - November 23, 2013

In November 2013 I lead a dedicated photographic expedition to Antarctica with my good friend Daniel Bergmann. This expedition had been more than twelve months in the planning and utilised the ice hardened expedition class ship ‘Polar Pioneer’. Polar Pioneer is an ex Russian survey ship that has been refitted for polar expeditions to both Antarctica and the Arctic. It’s ice hardened hull and low decks make it the ideal vessel for polar photography. The expedition was for a strictly limited number of 50 participants plus leaders and expedition guide and offered an extended period in Antarctica (15 Day / 14 night Expedition). Whilst most trips to Antarctica take 100+ tourists this expedition was capped at a maximum of 50 dedicated photographers in order to ensure the best possible experience for all aboard. As it turned out we ended up with just under 50 due to a last minute cancellation which worked in our favour with a smaller number of photographers per zodiac. Many first time Antarctic travellers are unaware of the benefits of travelling in small groups such as this. It is worth noting that many of the locations in Antarctica forbid landing more than 100 people at a time. That means that if you are part of a much larger group you have to draw lots and wait your turn to go ashore and likely miss out on opportunities and great light. We had no such restrictions on this expedition and were able to land all of those photographers who wished to go ashore at each of our chosen landing points. The expedition included special access into areas normally restricted to scientific research (including the Polish Station ‘Arctowski’), as well as taking in amazing locations such as the breathtaking Lemaire Channel, the Gerlache Strait and the surreal geothermal Deception Island, to name but a few. Please be sure to visit the Testimonials page for client feedback on what was a fantastic workshop.