Puffins and Snow Hares in Winter

  • March 20th - March 26th, 2023
  • Spaces Left: 6 (Maximum 6 Photographers)
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This photographic workshop is all about photographing Atlantic Puffins and Snow Hares in a winter setting. Our intention is try and capture unique photographs of these beautiful birds and snow hares in dramatic snow and winter conditions. Puffins are not normally associated with a snow environment, but on the small island of Hornoya, during a brief period of time, there exists a special and unique opportunity to capture these highly photogenic birds surrounded by snow. After much research and scouting, David and I are excited to offer you the opportunity to get up close and personal with Puffins in Snow!

We will be photographing in various winter conditions for the duration of this workshop: It is not uncommon to be out in blizzard like conditions, heavy and light snow, cloudy, foggy or sunny days. This variety of weather, landscape and lighting conditions, will provide you with the opportunity to create a diverse, creative and professional portfolio of this species. Mother nature will dictate the weather including the amount of snow. We do expect temperatures as low as -20º Celsius with wind chill.

During this workshop we may also plan to encounter and photograph King Eider ducks as well as other northern species that have been known to winter in this area. We will adapt to optimize photographic opportunities as they present themselves.

This exclusive workshop is for a strictly limited number of just 6 participants plus leader and is dedicated to winter photography of Atlantic Puffins and Snow Hares.

During this workshop both Joshua and David will be teaching how to create soft beautiful photographs of both Arctic Hares and Puffins by utilizing the snow environment to help frame and define the subjects. If you are excited to learn more and to improve your wildlife photography then this is the workshop for you.