Ellesmere Island in Winter in Search of the Arctic White Wolf

  • Dates: March 3rd - March 17th 2023
  • Spaces Left: 3 (Maximum 4 Photographers)
Ellesmere in Winter by Snow Mobile

In March of 2023 I am co-leading a very exciting winter wildlife expedition with David Gibbon for a small group of photographers to Ellesmere Island - home of the White Arctic Wolf. In winter, Ellesmere is a frozen hostile world that is rarely visited; yet it offers some of the most incredible wildlife to be found anywhere in the world.

Deep in winter sleep, Ellesmere Island is alive with wildlife and we intend to take advantage of any and all photographic opportunities presented to us during this expedition. There are White Arctic Wolves, Polar Bear, Musk Oxen, Arctic Fox and more. During this expedition we will explore Ellesmere Island by snow mobile as we search for its Arctic Wildlife inhabitants.

Polar Bear on the Sea Ice of Svalbard in Winter
Arctic Fox Blizzard
Svalbard Winter Ptarmigan